Friday, August 31, 2012

Woffer Judith Leora's Top Ten Lessons of the WIndow

10. Eye contact can be a tricky thing.  Some people like it, some people are startled. Imagine the mannequin suddenly locking eyes with you.  It’s a little freaky.
9. It’s very encouraging to watch all the actors, directors and assorted theater peeps trotting in and out of the store with shiny new plays.  Buy plays!!
8. The cashier, Freddie, is good company.
7. Props are good.  You know you have them.  Don’t be afraid to display them proudly. Bears, Big Gulps, Martinis.  Bring it on.
6. Micheline Auger is awesome!!  (She didn’t write this list, so this is not self-promotion in anyway.)  But    her awesomeness must be acknowledged.  Please commence     acknowledgement.
5. The Unknown Comic became a Playwright!  Who knew?  A worthy calling.  I’m so proud of him!!
4. The Drama Book Shop is a supportive and awesome place.  Go buy more plays now.
3. When a ten year old from Buffalo shows up to watch the window because he wants to be a playwright, and gets to sit in the window, THAT IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME.
2. Writing takes a long, long, long, long time.  A long time.  Did I mention it takes a long time?
1. Writers come in all shapes, sizes and varieties.  And they work their tushies off.  And produce stuff that changes the way we think.  And that’s pretty cool.  And once in a while it can be cool in a window.

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