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A Playwright Happening
(August 13th - September 1st, 2012)


Watch award-winning and emerging playwrights, book writers and lyricists create new work right in front of your eyes. 

During two hour time slots, a writer or writer's team will write a new play in the storefront window of the Drama Book Shop with a screen shot of their computer visible to the street.

See writers create new worlds, find inspiration and try to avoid Facebook (or not). Come see playwrights from shows coming up or currently playing at venues around town including the NY International Fringe Festival.

 Support and engage the writers via Twitter and FB , follow their careers, see the play and someday, when you're watching the Tonys, Lilys or Academy Awards, you can say you were there.

Read about it in the NYTimes.

 The award-winning and emerging playwrights are:
Rob Askins, Robert Attenweiler, Ian August, Micheline Auger, Hilary Bettis, J.Stephen Brantley, Chloe Brown Carter, Rubem Carbajal, Jon Caren, David Caudle, Cecilia Copeland, Carl Cota-Robles, Jamie Cowperthwait, Cusi Cram, Stacy Davidowitz, Lawrence Dial, Nathan Dame, David Davila, Haydn Diaz, Bixby Elliot, Lynne Elson, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Diane Exavier, Gina Femia, Darcy Fowler, Nick Gandiello, Charles Gershman, Sheri Graubert, Stephen Adley Guirgis, Paul Hagen, Laurel Haines, Chris Harcum, Jerron Hermon, Timothy Huang, Dean Imperial, Kait Kerrigan, Jeffrey James Keyes, Alessandro King, Krista Knight, Felice Kuan, Larry Kunofsky, Judith Leora, Lisa Lewis, Jerry Lieblich, Danielle Eliska Lyle, Dan McCabe, Erin Moughan, Kate Mulley, Lindsay Joy Murphy, Mel Nieves, Dan O’Neil, Dael Orlandersmith, Nicole Pandolfo, Kristina Poe, Chana Porter, Tyler Rivenbark, Rob Rosiello, Alex Rubin, Sarah Shaefer, Erika Sheffer, Crystal Skillman, Tommy Smith, Diana Stahl, Roland Tec, Michael Gabriel Torres, Chris Van Strander, Richard Vetere, Josh Wilder, Natalie Wilson, Joseph Samuel Wright, Nathan Yungerberg.
WRITE OUT FRONT was created to bring awareness to the time, space, resources and support that playwrights need to work and grow. It celebrates the tenacity that playwrights possess in the face of challenging economic times which has accompanied the closing of many off-off Broadway theaters and performance spaces, traditionally the fertile ground where theater artists developed their craft.
 The installation runs three weeks, Monday through Saturday, 11am – 7pm (8pm Thursdays) The Drama Book Shop is located at 250 W. 40th Street, across the street from the NYTimes Building August 13th - September 1st, 2012.
A sampling...

"Aside from it sounding like a fun time, I think it's a great opportunity to interact with the theater community in a unique and fascinating way."
-Robert Attenweiler, playwright

"I want to be involved because I love the idea of giving people the opportunity to follow a plays journey from its inception to the stage..."
- Hilary Bettis, playwright

"I heard Chuck Close say in an interview that painting is like a performance piece which you only see after the performance is over. There's an analogue to playwriting there..."
-Nathan Dame, playwright

"I want to give voice to the experiences of those who are quietly fighting to maintain/regain their lives and selves amid exogenous change..."
-Krista Knight, playwright

"The project brings much-needed visibility to both the existence of and process of art makers...I believe that process is undervalued in the rush to create output. That the final product is what's judged commercially and critically, rather than the emotional, intellectual, and craft development that went into it, is to me, one of the more unfortunate aspects of the theatrical production process..."
Lisa Lewis, Playwright

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