Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WOF Day 1: Man on the Street Interview

Day One of Write Out Front: A Playwright Happening started off with a bang with Jeffrey James Keyes writing his new play in the window while people stopped and read his spontaneously unfolding work. Then beautiful Cusi Cram came and wrote and had a couple visitors. Some people she knew, some she didn't. One actress who came to the book store just sat down next to her and started talking to her about the work. While she was writing, we came upon Steven Carl McCasland watching and decided to film him and see what he thought.

Write Out Front: Man on the Street Interview Day One from Micheline Auger on Vimeo.

 PS. After Cusi was the equally beautiful Dana McCoy who kicked some writing arse and then Richard Vetere ended the day taking no prisoners. It was gorgeous. (Oh and then the opening party!...more on that to come!) Playwrights rule. And so do you.

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