Monday, March 12, 2012

A little Bit of Brilliance by Playwright Chana Porter

Today in news, people are worried. There’ s a big fire consuming most of North America. The fire simply does not want to go out. They’ve sent therapists to go analyze the fire, the fire has unresolved family issues, the fire is acting out, the fire wants attention.

Everyone, if you’re listening, please give your attention to the fire. Sit quietly with your feet planted firmly on the ground and in your mind say “Fire, I am listening. Fire, I understand you’re suffering. I’m here if you need me, no I don’t understand the depth of your experience. What is it to breathe and consume yet not be alive? To grow without cells? To die without life? Fire, your experience is complicated. I am out of my element. I simply will sit with you and witness your process. I am human and this is my failing, but I pray it will be enough.”

We will now have a moment of silence.

-Excerpted from Chana Porter's imaginative play BRAD AND MEREDITH AT THE END OF THE WORLD which was read during Rattlestick Playwrights Theater's Theaterjam3.

Chana Porter is a writer, theatre artist and co-founder of AliveWire Theatrics.

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